Optimizing my time spent

My experiences with a short experiment to track time spent

Posted by Eddo on July 30, 2017

If you follow me on Twitter, you might have already noticed, as of early this week I’ve been tracking how I spend my time at the office/working from my laptop via RescueTime.

The reason being that I wanted to get to know how I actually spend my time, and where I could make some improvements in order to be more effective with my time and efforts. And yes, I wanted to know how much time I actually spend in reading and responding to emails and teleconference calls. As I wrote earlier, I had agreed with myself that I should only check email at 11am and 4pm, yet since then I’ve been breaking it quite often.

Screenshot of RescueTime dashboard

This last few weeks I have also been experimenting with simply blocking out other distractions by putting on a pair of large headphones (if you’re interested, the Bose Quiet Comfort 25 wired noise-cancelling headphones). This does help with focusing on my programming, yet others not always know how to handle it yet… which results sometimes in taps on the shoulder or pings via Skype/Slack, which also go unnoticed sometimes as I tend to disable notifications ;-).

To tackle this, I’ve gone on to use the pomodoro technique of 25 minutes focused time, and 5 minutes slack. This was a helpful tip from a fellow scrum master and developer within Raet, which seems to work for now.

I’ll be continuing the experiment in tracking time and looking for optimizations to maximize my effort in creating a better team and contributing as a software writer as well. If you have any helpful tips or suggestions, please let me know on twitter.

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