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Getting a Laravel application running in Kubernetes on AWS

Facilitating creativity

Sparking new insights and experimenting

What if you fly?

My experience with moving across Europe and the mindset that kept us positive.

Jekyll on Docker

A technical insight into how this blog is maintained and published

Switching back from Sony mirrorless to Canon

A few years ago I got rid of my Canon gear in search of a lighter kit, and the Sony A7II was a suitable choice then. After considering my options, I decided to get a Canon EOS 5D mk IV based on battery life, weather sealing, and general usability.

Backups and things

Backups are important. They might not save your life, but they will keep your data safe.

On assignment in France

A story about an assignment for a good cause, that had quite a bit of personal impact.

Using jwt-auth in Laravel to let user act on behalf of another user

Using tokens to login on behalf of another user in a Laravel web application. How do you take care of that?

Does it have to be a struggle?

I'm learning to create a web application front-end with ReactJS and Redux, and yes, it is a struggle for me.


Reflecting on the past few years and looking forward to changing location again. 🇩🇰 København, here I come!

On writing software

Thoughts on writing software better, based on a recent article and video series by Basecamp CTO David Heinemeier-Hansson.

A case for the iPad mini

Does the iPad mini still have a future?

Adding tools to your toolbox

My experiences in taking part in a two-day 'scrum master advanced' course by Prowareness.

Managing for happiness

Pointers on creating a happier organization from a TEDx talk by Jurgen Appelo.

Mastery over success

Can self-imposed rules make you a better programmer? My thoughts based on deliberately practicing your skills in order to improve.

Can you combine roles in scrum?

Thoughts on combining the developer role with that of a product owner.

Fear of the uncertain

Why is it then that so many, including myself, are often avoiding risk?

Maximizing how I learn

A few techniques and methods that have helped me with learning new skills and getting better.

Building cultural values

How do you approach the building of cultural values, and do they differ per country?

Optimizing my time spent

My experiences with a short experiment to track time spent