Facilitating creativity

Sparking new insights and experimenting

Posted by Eddo on January 21, 2019

When I recently read this FStoppers article on facilitating boredom as a way for more creativity, I came to the conclusion that combining software development, reading and photography is my way to sustain creativity.

I’m a programmer and I can get stuck on tedious problems or considerations at times. Sometimes a walk to the coffee machine will spark a new insight, and at other times it takes me a night of sleep. It does help me to think about what my assumptions are, even very basic ones. I have also found that when I’m out creating photos that I’m analytical about the things I try to create an good image of.

This doesn’t take away that personal challenges also create that creative spark, like Nigel Danson mentions:

  • Go out and explore
  • Looking back at your images and learn from them
  • Print your images
  • Try another genre
  • Shoot local
  • Take notes
  • Visualization of your developed image; the end-product

Even though I did summarize his points here, I would like to emphasize to view the video on Youtube yourself. He elaborates on each of the points in a really nice way that are very applicable for photography.

What I’m taking away from this to create a bit more creativity this year, besides creating time to spend with my family:

  1. Create and print a unique photo every week and write a few sentences beside it in a scrapbook/notebook;
  2. Consistency: publish content more regular on this blog and my Instagram account
  3. Experiment with other forms of content, such as video

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