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Books that I've enjoyed reading the past year

Posted by Eddo on January 3, 2020

Let’s get right into it, I’ve enjoyed reading the following books this past year.

They’ve provided me a bit of a different perspective on multiple topics, and what it takes to do something about it.

Forming small, good habits compounds into larger improvements over time (from “Atomic habits”).

Paul Jarvis poses the following questions:

How much is enough?
How will I know that I’ve gotten there?
What will change if I do?

Continuous growth for only the reason of growth isn’t healthy. This idea also pops up in Greg McKeown’s book, where McKeown takes you on a tour on what essentialism is with some practical exercises/questions along the way. I’ve used the questions to redefine what I find important in life, and actually write it down as a reminder for myself. I can be overwhelmed at times, with things going on at work, my relation with my girlfriend and having a daughter together. Having the reference to look back on helps in dealing with it. And yes, I can confirm that the things have changed over the past 10+ years.

Cal Newport has also provided some practical tips on achieving focus in a distracted world, and I keep adhering to a few of these in order to get things done.

A combination of these things, together with persistence also seem to emerge from Tommy Caldwell’s book. It is a gripping story of his life with both the ups and downs, with the thread of climbing the dawn wall of El Capitan.

I still have some books on my list, but I’m always curious if you have any recommendations. Please reach out on Twitter if you have any.

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