Fear of the uncertain

Why is it then that so many, including myself, are often avoiding risk?

Posted by Eddo on August 27, 2017

The biggest risk is not taking one

that is what Mark Zuckerberg mentions in the above interview with Y Combinator’s Sam Altman. The interview not only covers the topic of risk, yet it is what stuck with me.

Why is it then that so many, including myself, are often choosing the safe-side? The very simple answer is fear for the uncertain according to various sources.

You can flip that around; what would happen if you remain in the same situation for the coming months or years? Are you certain that you can keep your current job, grow where you want to? I don’t think anyone is that certain of their situation while being fortunate enough to have a job.

Tim Ferriss mentions the principle of “defining your fears instead of your goals” in his TED talk. What I think is one of the biggest points of impact in this mindset is that you realize the cost of inaction. What happens if you don’t do …? This could include financial effects, yet also your mental health or life in general. These ideas also make the fear manageable by thinking over the possible outcomes. Without a healthy dose of fear, we wouldn’t be moving forward and achieve great results link.

In my situation I was quite afraid of the outcomes of moving to Spain. I didn’t really spoke the language, and I didn’t know whether my girlfriend and I would cope with it. Both of us never lived abroad. After thinking it through and the notion that we both wanted to be world travellers we decided to face it head on, and just go for it. Sure, it is not an easy decision leaving family and friends behind, and starting a new life in Madrid. For me there is still this safety-line that I still was employed by the same company as I was in the Netherlands. You don’t need to cut all ties.

So far, after living just over a year in Madrid, we both think it was a good decision. We have learned a lot in the past year, picked up a few new friends here, and changed some of our habits (spending an afternoon in a local park).

Hard choices, easy life. Easy choices, hard life

Quote by Jerzy Gregorek

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