Managing for happiness

Pointers on creating a happier organization from a TEDx talk by Jurgen Appelo.

Posted by Eddo on October 11, 2017

The buzz word in today’s management world is management 3.0; some companies do get it right, and other think they get it right. In general the new management style means that you manage for happiness of employees. With happy employees, you get happy customers, and thus a happy company. Simple enough, right?

In the above TEDx talk Jurgen Appelo provides us with some pointers in order to achieve such a setting in any kind of company.

Build for meaning
Innovate management
Accelerate learning
Run experiments
Embrace playfulness
Nurture happiness
Manage the system

It is my belief that anyone within an organization can look for these things, and change their workplace for the better by improving on at least one of those. You don’t have to be a manager. It starts with applying it on your own behaviour, or as someone else put it “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”.

For me personally I focus at the moment on meaning and running experiments within the scrum team. Before anyone of us starts work on something, I like to have it clear why we’re doing that. The added value should be clear.
Running various experiments in how we work seems also to pay off in continuous improvements, yet complete transparency in which experiments worked and which didn’t is something I’m still struggling with in a team on two locations.

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