A case for the iPad mini

Does the iPad mini still have a future?

Posted by Eddo on December 9, 2017

Apple iPad Pro

Since I’ve bought a 10.5-inch iPad Pro, my iPad mini (1st gen) is sitting idle in a cupboard. Even Apple hasn’t come up with a very recent iteration. The current version is the iPad mini 4 (introduced in September 2015), which has a similar A8 CPU that is also in the iPad Air 2 1.

Although I love the big iPad, I do feel that the iPad mini has a brilliant form factor for reading ebooks or articles in Instapaper. Why else would all the other e-readers have sort of the same size. Don’t get me wrong, the iPad Pro is a perfectly suitable device to read ebooks and an even better device to read PDFs, though a bit unweildy for reading an ebook holding the iPad in your hand while commuting. The Pro feels more at home propped up on your lap or on a table.

  1. OK, the iPad Air 2 has a triple-core A8X CPU, and the iPad mini 4 has a dual-code A8 CPU. wikipedia 

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