Weekend in the Belgian Ardennes

Posted by Eddo on September 7, 2012

It is somewhat of a tradition that when a friend get’s married, there is a bachelor party organised for him. A good friend of mine is about to take that step in his life, and his brother arranged a bachelor party for him and a few friends.

The plan was to head out to the Belgian Ardennes for a klettersteig adventure, unfortunately something went wrong with the reservation and we headed out for some outdoor top-rope rock climbing :). My climbing got stuck somewhere due to cramp in my arm, however this gave me the chance to focus on my photography. The others practically never had climbing experience, yet all found there way up the rock face.

A few of the photos can be found below, enjoy! I know I did enjoy the Belgian beers that weekend ;-).

On our way to the wall

That looks pretty steep, not yet sure how to get up there

On the wall

Kayakers on the Lesse

View from up high over the campsite

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