Travel more and buy less

Do you still remember that iPhone you bought in 10 years, or that spontaneous trip you undertook with a friend?

Posted by Eddo on June 21, 2017

Travel More & Buy Less. - Luis Vargas - TEDxPortland on Youtube

Consumerism has taken its toll in our day to day life, yet it has been proven that it isn’t buying stuff that makes us happy in the long run, it is having new experiences.

Traveling is one of those ways to have new experiences, and you do keep a better memory of those experiences as well, according to Brian Chesky.

So next time when you’re thinking about spending a lot of money on some new gadget, like maybe a new iPad or iPhone, think twice. For the price of a new iPad you can also rent a small campervan for almost two weeks in Andalusia (Spain), or fly from Amsterdam to Hong Kong. Would you still remember that new iPad in 10 years, or that trip you took instead?

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