My personal writing workflow

An insight into the way an article for my blog is created.

Posted by Eddo on July 8, 2017

The articles that I write usually start from the on my iPhone, and then quickly find their way into Evernote where I write the majority of the piece. Once I’m happy with the n-th draft, I take copy-paste the text into Byword on my Mac, and start to further refine it to make it look good in my Jekyll powered site. I write already in simple Markdown format in Evernote, thus making it easier to transition into Byword.

Why I use Apple’s at first? Because it is a simple note taking tool on my iPhone, and I usually come up with a few ideas when I don’t have any other device with me, and it is literally two taps on the screen to open the app and start writing.

I do write in Evernote as I am not always on my personal Apple laptop when I write; sometimes I write on a company issued Windows laptop as well, on my iPhone or on my iPad. The benefit of using Evernote is that it syncs across all my devices.

The workflow I’m actually thinking about applying would be to write in Byword on my MacBook Pro and from an iPad via iA Writer; commit everything into a private Git/Github repository, and have an automated deployment procedure for my personal blog (similar to this workflow). This is inspiration I took from Federico Viticci over on Yet for now I’m happy with the workflow that I have.

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