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Re-engineering my site

Over the past years since I started a few blogs, going from two blogspot blogs to my current self-hosted Wordpress blog and separate portfolio site, I have been thinking about alternatives.

Using the Peak Design Everyday Backpack 20L

After owning the Peak Design Everyday Backpack 20L now for over a month, and using it practically everyday since it arrived, I thought it be a good time to share my thoughts on the pack.

Barcelona in black and white

The city of Barcelona is quite impressive; featuring some lengths of beach, boulevards, narrow cobblestone streets in the Barrio Gotic, photographic opportunities on every street corner, and some good food.

Review Sleeklens “Through the woods” Lightroom workflow

Decommissioned trains in Uyuni (Bolivia)

Finish of La Vuelta

Reading challenge this year

Search for my ultimate tripod

Code quality improves customer value

The intentional disconnect

Contribution of growth

Useful Slack notifications for developers

Hiking the Fjällräven Classic


The sprint burndown is dead

Life experiments

Magic memories from a cycle tour

Remote pair programming

Following a river

Scrum experiments (2)