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A case for the iPad mini

Does the iPad mini still have a future?

Adding tools to your toolbox

My experiences in taking part in a two-day 'scrum master advanced' course by Prowareness.

Managing for happiness

Pointers on creating a happier organization from a TEDx talk by Jurgen Appelo.

Mastery over success

Can self-imposed rules make you a better programmer? My thoughts based on deliberately practicing your skills in order to improve.

Can you combine roles in scrum?

Thoughts on combining the developer role with that of a product owner.

Fear of the uncertain

Why is it then that so many, including myself, are often avoiding risk?

Maximizing how I learn

A few techniques and methods that have helped me with learning new skills and getting better.

Building cultural values

How do you approach the building of cultural values, and do they differ per country?

Optimizing my time spent

My experiences with a short experiment to track time spent

Invitation to an Hacker X event

My experience with a recruiting/networking event in Madrid

Switching back to a local develop environment

My thoughts and process of setting up a local LAMP stack for an improved development workflow.

My personal writing workflow

An insight into the way an article for my blog is created.

Travel more and buy less

Do you still remember that iPhone you bought in 10 years, or that spontaneous trip you undertook with a friend?

Creating time for yourself

Sometimes you're lost for what to focus on next, as the work keeps piling up. What to do about it?

What is leadership?

How does one become a great leader? These are my findings as a scrum master in a development team.

Productivity and effectiveness

My personal way to be productive and effective; keep on creating the right things

Designing your own life

Take a step outside your comfort zone, and wander for a bit

What I have learned from working in a distributed development team

Points of attention after two years experience working with one team on two separate locations

Chaotic leaders and how to improve

Improvements in the chaos-driven organization by focusing on product vision

Packing list review for a four week trip through Peru, Chile, and Bolivia

This short article reflects my thoughts on the stuff I brought with me on a vacation to Peru, Chile, and Bolivia.